Commit eb9ff60a authored by liziwl's avatar liziwl
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fix #108,解决上游兼容性问题

parent 4b1c656b
import {defineClientAppEnhance} from '@vuepress/client'
import { defineClientConfig } from '@vuepress/client'
import BusTable from "./components/BusTable.vue";
import Realtimemap from './components/Realtime-map.vue'
import WeatherSpan from './components/weather-span.vue'
// import AdsenseUnit from './components/adsense-inline-article.vue'
export default defineClientAppEnhance(({app, router, siteData}) => {
export default defineClientConfig({
enhance({ app }) {
app.component("BusTable", BusTable)
app.component("Realtimemap", Realtimemap)
app.component("WeatherSpan", WeatherSpan)
// app.component("AdsenseUnit", AdsenseUnit)
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