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Custom instance-level project templates (PREMIUM SELF)

Introduced in GitLab 11.2.

GitLab administrators can set a group to be the source of project templates that are selectable when a new project is created on the instance. These templates can be selected when you go to New project > Create from template and select the Instance tab.

Every project in the group, but not its subgroups, can be selected when a new project is created, based on the user's access permissions:

  • Public projects can be selected by any signed-in user as a template for a new project, if all enabled project features except for GitLab Pages and Security & Compliance are set to Everyone With Access. The same applies to internal projects.
  • Private projects can be selected only by users who are members of the projects.

The Metrics Dashboard is set to Only Project Members when you create a new project. Make sure you change it to Everyone With Access before making it a project template.

Repository and database information that are copied over to each new project are identical to the data exported with the GitLab Project Import/Export.

To set project templates at the group level, see Custom group-level project templates.

Select instance-level project template group

To select the group to use as the source for the project templates:

  1. On the top bar, navigate to Menu > Admin > Settings > Templates.
  2. Expand Custom project templates.
  3. Select a group to use.
  4. Select Save changes.

Projects in subgroups of the template group are not included in the template list.